Robot system that automatically packs canned beer into boxes by using collaborative robots.

Hakozume Robot is a robot system that automatically packs gift sets and other items into boxes by using collaborative robots. It enables packaging automation without major layout changes.

In many manufacturing sites, box-packing is done manually by a large number of people, and as the labor shortage worsens, it will become increasingly difficult to maintain the production system.

With the introduction of box-packing robots, you can eliminate the need for securing manual laborers or scheduling shifts, making it possible to build a stable production system.

In the video, you can see that a custom made shooter automatically organizes canned beers, and a custom robot hand grapples and boxes a batch of canned beer for a gift set. Even with the safety measures put in place for robots, this all done in the same production capacity as manual labor.

The system is also equipped with a function to mix 350ml cans and 500ml cans in different patterns, and to align the labels face up. It can also easily switch between gift sets with different layouts, reducing the time required for setup changes.

Three features of the box-packing robot
  1.  It can be installed in the same space as manual operations.
  2. It is capable of handling a wide variety of products in small quantities by switching programs.
  3. It has flexibility to add additional functions and change layouts.
If you are doing box-packing operations and facing any of the issues below, please contact us today.
  • Would like to reduce the amount of manpower required for operations.
  • Find it difficult to change setups or automation due to small quantity and variety of products.
  • No space to install large equipment.
  • Automation is not possible due to lack of equipment.
Installation of Hakozume
  • Customization is possible according your budget and environment.
  • We can provide the best solution to meet your needs after hearing about your work.
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