Add an"Eye" to your collaborative robot.

Augment your collaborative robots with advanced computer vision capabilities.

"Eye" helps you...

  • Capable of handling a variety of small-quantity, high-variety products that change daily
  • Picking a workpiece that is not in the correct position
  • To start without accurate robot positioning

Most effective way to optimize your work

Taking advantage of its design the robot is simple and easy to use for factory workers, there is no need to learn complicated settings or software usage.
With Makoto vision solution, your operations will be more effective.

To enable the collaborative robot to operate by detecting objects, you only need to :

  1. Take a picture of the target
  2. Register as a template
  3. Link it with the robot program

Main Features

Simple and easy operation

You don't have to learn settings and software.


Customization and function expansions are possible according to the customer's environment.


Existing robot programs can be used as they are and there is a high degree of freedom.

Suitable situations

- You want to configure in factory and be a collaborative robot master.
- Handling small amount various type production.
- You want to let each robots do different work.
- You want to let work while moving the robot.
- You can not accurately specify the position of the objects.