Palletizing robot DEMO (0: 50)
Three main features of the palletizing robot
  1. Capable of handling workpieces up to approximately 23 kg in the same installation space as manual operations
  2. Capable of handling a wide variety of products, even in small quantities
  3. lexibility to add additional functions and layout change
Standard Palletizing Robot specifications
  • Payload:Approx. 23 kg
  • Pallet size:1,100×1,400mm or less
  • Loading height:1,650mm(max)
  • Transfer capacity:6 boxes/minute (max.)
Maximum payload
Highest level in Japan
If you are doing palletizing operations and facing any of the issues below, please contact us today.
  • Want to automate the palletizing process
  • Existing palletizing robot workpiece is too heavy
  • It is difficult to automate due to small quantity and variety of products
  • There is no space to install large equipment
Installation of Palletizing Robot
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