Mobility and Independence for the visually impaired.

Currently, there are 285 million visually impaired people in the world (1.64 million in Japan).
However, there is a lack of technology to support them and society has yet to provide a safe environment for them to go out. Many people are aware that there have been many tragic accidents involving the visually impaired, including falls onto platforms in public transportation.

shikAI (視界)*

shikAI is a QR navigation system for the visually impaired.
We are developing shikAI so that the visually impaired can move around the station safely.
We will continue to develop shikAI with the aim of realizing "a world where all people can live with peace of mind" through the power of technology.

shikAI navigation system : how it works

QR-codes are first deployed at the metro station on top of the paving path for the visually impaired. The Qr-codes are exclusively installed on the dotted squares of the paving path. This allows the user to know when she is close to a QR-code.

When the user detects one of these dotted patterns in the path, she scans a QR-code using her smartphone. Our app then provides step by step instructions for navigation. The user can select from a list of destinations (every exit at the metro station, the ticket barrier, the toilet, a specific platform, etc) and start the navigation from any point in the station. She only needs to scan the QR-codes and follow the instructions to navigate from place to place.
※ shikAI application is made for iPhone.

Development Status

The "shikAI" application will be released for five stations on the Tokyo Metro.
QR Code System
Start of The final test trials at Tatsumi station and Shinkiba station
QR Code System
7th Start of test trials at Tatsumi station
QR Code System
6th Test trial (at Tokyo Metro Central Offices)
QR Code System
5th Test trial (Shinkiba training center)
Beacon System
4th Demonstration trial (Shinkiba training center)
Beacon System
3rd Demonstration trial (Shinkiba training center)
Beacon System
2nd Test trial (Shinkiba training center)
Beacon System
1st Test trial (Shinkiba training center)
Beacon System
shikAI was awarded the first prize in the 2016 Tokyo Metro ACCELERATOR program

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